Folk Crafts Development Analysis

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In recent years, with the development of China's tourism industry, a number of related industries been driven up, which was undoubtedly the fastest growing folk crafts. China's vast land, from north to south, each with regional characteristics, ethnic customs, every place has its own unique crafts. When the Chinese tourism market opened, folk art has grown with it. With this cake bigger and bigger, Chinese folk art out how to develop their own style?

  Do large folk crafts market at least do the following two things:

  First, the legislation, the comprehensive protection of folk art, folk art to no development "impurities" of. With the development of folk art in recent years, more and more businesses optimistic about this market. So in the "frozen culture", "frozen folk art" appeared. Take cloth tiger, the traditional Chinese cloth tiger and more from the hands of the women are careful stitch sewing, but now more and more on the market by the production line of cloth tiger began to emerge. Chinese folk art generally has a deep meaning, such as cloth tiger in the Chinese mind, is evil Escaping the tiger symbolizes peace auspicious, but also to protect wealth. Every year during the Dragon Boat Festival, popular folk cloth tiger to do for children, or children in the forehead with realgar tiger face painting, meaning healthy, strong, and courageous. The production of cloth tiger is completely lost its cultural connotation, so China's relevant departments to carry out legislation, imitation folk art to regulate the counterfeit product line in strict culling folk crafts outside.

  Second, to further increase the folk art of propaganda to promote their better development. Although the present folk art has developed rapidly, but the development is still space limitations, not all parts of the formation of industrial advantages, which requires local governments according to their own characteristics to increase its handicraft publicity.