Decoration and interior design skills of crafts

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Crafts, namely handicraft products. That is manually processed raw materials or semi-finished products, is a set value of art in general. Whether in the past or now, whether it is hotels, clubs, and other home interior design, arts and crafts display, the display is extremely important. It is an important part of interior design, play an excellent decorative effect, and can place a distinctive interior design theme, while also enriching the arts and crafts interior design content, improve the quality of space. Today, together with you to say something about KSL decorative crafts and skills in interior design.

Art from life, but to create a larger than life value. Crafts people is wisdom, people directly reflects the infinite creativity and artistry. Crafts classification: wood, teeth, bamboo, carbon, jade, Mahan glass, color carving, resin, Man playing walnut. The degree of practicality can also be divided into: Non-Applicability of pure art and practicality items.

Purely decorative art, high artistic level, wide scope, some of which value is higher. They include: tapestries, wall hangings, art porcelain, pottery, lacquer ware, pottery, bronzes, sculpture, painting, calligraphy, folk art, masks, antiques, statues, folding, wind Beattie, animal bones, swords, feeders, ancient clothing folk clothing, hats, rain clothes and so on. And even some personal collections, such as stamps, coins, sports goods and souvenirs, badges, knives, watches and so on.

    The practicability of exquisite crafts, high artistic value, also have a certain ornamental. It is the daily necessities of life, but also a handicraft. Their many different types, including: Technology lamps, candlesticks, wine, coffee tea, cosmetics, watches, four treasures, mirrors, vases, baskets, craft furniture, bamboo (rattan) made crafts, cushions, cushions, tablecloths, tablecloths, musical instruments Wait.

Different kinds of products, when placed on display, pay attention to their place in a suitable location, just right in order to get a good decorative effect. Some larger reflect the theme of arts and crafts, it should be placed in a more prominent position in the center of the visual, in order to receive a distinctive presence. Different room, can be placed in different works of art. In the living room, can be placed in a number of elegant, serious, with a theme of art, such as paintings, ceramics, sculptures, folk art, it is a strong culture. In the bedroom, you can choose a more lively artwork like toys, paintings, etc. In the children's room, you can choose some of the features of cartoons for children, toys, balloons, sporting goods and so on.

In addition, owners can also have the skills to show their favorite things, not only play a decorative role, but also to facilitate normal use. Such as favorite music, you can put instruments (such as trumpet, saxophone, French horn and other brass instruments or violin, viola, guitar, etc.) placed in the room, can well express the owner's personal preferences, lifestyle, while enhancing the interior artistic atmosphere and flavor of life.

Crafts placed to reflect the designer and the user's design intent, hobbies and aesthetic orientation, and increase vitality and energy of the interior, with the finishing touch in interior design. But selections of handicrafts from interior design and placement needs, to be coordinated with the overall style of interior decoration, to be able to clearly reflect the design theme, which play the best decorative effect, cultivates the mind.