Artworks: home decoration Soul

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If you have a nice house and a set of new furniture, you should have been satisfied enough, but if people feel something is missing, what is it that's missing? It is the lack of vitality and fun. Place a few pieces of art in the living room can change the situation. So, how to put it home artwork? Ms. Lin Mei Xiang Xiang stone garden decoration believe that home display works of art from the great room layout view, based on housing conditions to be. If the home display of old furniture, decorated with a few pieces of artwork optional modeling simple, strong colors; modern furniture can be equipped with several modern distinctive artwork. Placed artwork to seek a unified perspective and background, scattered layout and coordination, consistent color and atmosphere, a sense of volume and texture balance. Specific to the art of the arrangement, Lin Mei Xiang is recommended to note the following principles: pay attention to scale and proportion. Small coffee table can not put big clay figurines, wall hanging open a small dish will be very stingy. If you can open the wall to install a wall lamp, the wall lamp hanging around a hanging plate. Pay attention to visual conditions. Should be placed with the human eye is flat position. Specifically furnishings, the color visible, should be placed on the dark furniture; beautiful pebble, quaint coins, can be installed in a shallow bowl, placed at the low, easy outlook panorama; quality and more should be changed once every few days, the effects often receive new; knickknacks can be concentrated in a corner of the room is arranged to the center of interest. Pay attention to artistic effect. Cabinet, the painting can be intentionally put a disc in order to break the monotony of a rectangular grid; Fang Zheng coffee table on a flat, you can put a beautiful vase, rich overall image. Pay attention to the texture contrast. Marble slab prepared to put down a small animal toys, decorative painting on a bamboo works, handicraft more prominent position. Pay attention to color relations crafts and environment as a whole. Not as good as some small crafts beautiful, large crafts to pay attention to harmony with the environment hue. Lin Mei Xiang emphasized from the general principles of decorative point of view, there is no decorative effect of crafts, handicrafts and furniture style conflict, and the identity of himself and his family do not match the crafts place. At the same time, pay attention to indoor crafts and greenery decorated with shine, which is called the "sense of order", free filling and stuffing, people have no organization, no order effect; artwork orderly arrangement there will be a sense of rhythm like melody and rhythm to give people enjoy the same, to pay attention to size, height, density, color match.

Optional: Follow the process and materials of art is a very broad concept, large and small, are numerous, as long as it has the ornamental value, can be called art. China Branch researcher Anja Huangta Xiamen Baoxiang jewelry gift, general manager believes that the purchase of home works of art, the first of the kind of home works of art have a clear understanding. From the production process point of view, it can be divided into mold production and handmade two categories. Mold making industry is the use of mold production lines, which is characterized by post-mold production, the same monotonous work, lack of personality, replacement fast, the price is cheaper; handmade is more personality, each one is different, compare product life long, it has a high ornamental value and collection value. From the material point of view, it can be divided into synthetic materials and natural materials categories. The former resin products, synthetic crystal, ceramic, copper, plastic, electronic products, plastics, etc., the actual value of the product is not large. The latter include jade, natural crystal, wood carvings, precious stones and other basic resources are scarce, valuable not only to the material itself, the production process is more complicated. Huangta believes that the type of art home with a clear understanding of the future, they can function room, master bedroom lifestyle, hobbies, arts and culture different needs of accomplishment in terms of the purchase arrangement. In general, highlighting the characteristics most important factor is to choose the crafts. Landscaping can play a decorative role, depending on taste and decorative art, rather than spend many things there must be artistic. Of course, if in the choice of artwork, decorative features and collection functions can be combined, the effect is the best. Huangta recommendation, the average family, the home of the best works of art or decorations have one to two high-grade, modeling elegant town treasure chamber, genuine, then with some common crafts can be a strong decorative function. Of course, home decoration, not necessarily have to buy high-priced works of art, some, such as homemade bamboo, straw, cloth ornaments, paintings, wood carving and root carving, flower arranging (plastic flowers and silk flowers), such as color, shape, size appropriate, also bound to your room considerably.