A few pieces of wooden furniture easily away from the moth

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Each family will use wood products, wood furniture is more and more popular, but the wood furniture also has a headache, is prone to moth decay, home wood worms how to do?

1, the purchase of pure wood furniture must ensure that after pest control, for the sake of insurance, as far as possible in the decoration of the wooden furniture after spraying pest control water.

2, if the emergence of white worms, it is necessary to drug, desiccant and insect can be placed, these supermarkets or furniture stores are generally sold.

3, in order to prevent the wooden furniture is moth decay, to the surface with brine smear a few more, can play an effective role of the moth.

4, with cotton stained camphor oil, made camphor, cotton balls, or directly in pharmacies to buy camphor pills, placed in wooden furniture, wardrobe, flow console, can be removed cockroaches and insect pests.

5, to have not been made the wooden furniture, available raw tung oil, shellac varnish, paint, paint on the surface of wood furniture, make bugs with air separation, achieve the purpose of pest control.

6, when the wooden furniture has been pests, dichlorvos and available water in a 1:5 proportion of liquid, spray comprehensive injection, let the liquid into the wooden cabinet, to continuous injection 3 - 5 times, after 8 hours, can kill all worms. After that, wash the wooden furniture with clean water and dry it.

7, furniture bought after 3% sodium chloride dipped, you can always be moth eaten.