Wooden home stained with oil stains, pen marks and yellow, how to do?

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In daily life, wooden furniture will inevitably be stained with oil stains, pen marks, and even yellow, and so on, and many people are very worried about how to effectively clean at the same time, it will not damage wooden homes.

1, wooden home surface yellow

For a long time, the furniture surface of the wood paint may occur yellowing phenomenon. Here we can use egg yolk to "whitening"".

Specific method: take the yolk evenly stirring, in a soft brush smear in the Yellow place, etc. after drying, wipe gently with a dishcloth, then you will find the original yellow place became white oh! Or you can use a soft cloth dipped in toothpaste to wipe the Yellow place, after repeated times can also play a "whitening" role!

2, wooden home stained with oil stains

In daily life, the oil is often carelessly knocked onto the furniture. Here we can use tea and corn flour to absorb the oil pollution.

Methods: first tea on oil, and then a small amount of corn flour and sprinkle with corn flour, later will wipe off, you will find the oil surface of the furniture are absorbed, finally with a simple and clean rag on ok.

3, wooden home surface oily pen marks

The wooden Home Furnishing during installation, the installation master may use the oily marking pen, not timely removed, after the day might be difficult to completely clean up.

Here teach you a trick: just a piece of chocolate gently wipe pen marks, plus wet towel, you can easily remove oily pen marks.