The five elements of a soft outfit

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The appearance of the soft wear represents the development of the times and the improvement of people's living standards, and can more pursue the soft decoration to improve the taste of life. From a home in the soft, to a certain extent, we can see the character and taste of the master. The constituent elements of modern soft wear mainly include the following five aspects:

1. Furniture

Including support furniture, storage furniture, decoration furniture. Such as sofa, coffee table, bed, table, chair, bookcase, wardrobe, TV cabinet etc..

Two. Ornaments

General for ornaments and ornaments, including handicraft ornaments, ceramic ornaments, bronze ornaments, iron ornaments, paintings, illustrations, photographs, picture frames, wall painting, murals, decorative painting, painting etc.. Sometimes, a just perfect table small ornaments can soften the stiff Home Furnishing environment, promotes a sense of the level of Home Furnishing.

Three. Lighting

Including chandeliers, wall lamp, table lamp, floor lamp, lamp. With the decoration style, the lighting not only plays the role of lighting, but also takes into account the atmosphere of rendering the environment and the improvement of indoor mood.

Four. Fabric fabric

Including bedding, carpets, curtains, tablecloths, table flag, cushion etc.. Good cloth design can not only improve the grade of the interior, make the room warmer, but also reflect the taste of a person's life.

Five, floriculture and landscaping

It includes decorative flowers, flowers, dry flowers, flowerpots, artistic flower arrangement, greening plants, bonsai gardening, waterscape and so on. It can not only purify the air, but also play the role of decoration.